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This is a marketing play that happens to be in super space, not the other way round. This is important. 

Now, compare Superannuation to credit cards; there was a time when all credit cards were all the same; now you have a highly segmented product space: some cards have low interest, some have extra features like points, some are painted gold and improve your social status… It moved from a payment product to a customer finance proposition. 

We’re doing the same to Super. 

Right now all supers are the same; but we go after the segment that wants sustainable, purpose driven investments, and is willing to pay for it; We focus on older women, because they respond to the message and they have high average balances.

There are other segments which we may address later on, but right now, we focus on this one segment. Again, there are similarities to Insurance: QBE has multiple brands targeting different niches. 


Vocals, Guitar / Lee Clayton
Keyboard, Sampling / Mikael Johnasson
Bass / Ethan Stone
Drums / Omer Asani


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